Power Up Pins Branding

Power Up Pins

case study

Pop culture pins and accessories

Power Up Pins designs and produces high quality pop culture pins, patches and stickers. Shipping worldwide, it has a strong presence on Etsy.


Develop a brand with it's own unique range of products which appeal to all ages. Video games, movies and pop culture should form a large part of the Power Up Pin's identity.


A strong brand with a wide choice of products that have proven very popular. The brand continues to grow and expand it's range of merchandise.


Graphic Design
Brand Identity


Power Up Pins branding colors

Designing the brand

I believed that the brand design should be simple and easy to recognise with a bold, eye catching color scheme. The main identity of the brand is the "Up" symbol which fits into the logotype when the company name is used in full.
Power Up Pins enamel pin

Illustrating The Products

There are many well known pop culture references that form a large part of a product range that also includes cute animals, food and slogans. My work starts with a mood board and sketches which when approved are then transferred to Adobe Illustrator where I build the designs for the nickel and enamel layers. The bright, bold identity of the brand continues into my photography of the finished products.
Power Up Pins illustrations

Final Thoughts

Power Up Pins continues to be a success, not only in the products that it sells but also in winning custom orders from individuals and companies looking for fresh and eye catching products.

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