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Creating a unique and adaptable logo

Helen Fennell is a talented photographer specialising in landscape, street and architecture photography.


Creation of a new company logo to compliment the feel of Helen's photography. The logo would need to adapt to a variety of use case scenarios while maintaining a clear brand identity.


The work took three weeks and was completed with the delivery of the finished logo and additional variants. I also provided a Brand Guide which helped solidify the feel of the brand into a form which could be referred to when producing new content and assets.


Logo Design
Brand Guide


Helen Fennell Grid System

Building a concept

I started off by making myself as familiar as possible with not only Helen's photography business and its aspirations for the future but also the space in which it operates. I noticed that many independent photographers use camera iconography for their logos (apertures, lenses etc) so to set Helen's logo apart, I felt it needed to follow a different path.

From there I moved onto building a concept for the logo by seeking inspiration from my library of reference material, building a mood board and sketching out rough ideas to see what worked, and more importantly, what didn't.
Helen Fennell Grid System
Helen Fennell Brand Guide

My Process

Once focused on a potential direction for the design, I continued working in Adobe Illustrator to flesh out the logo ready to send to my client to begin the feedback and refinement process.

I wanted the logo to reflect the elegance of Helen's photography work so I constructed the design using a series of ribbons built on a grid system to maintain geometric accuracy throughout.

It's important that logos be recognisable in their simplest forms. but they should also be adaptable. Therefore, I also provided segmented, shaded and hollow versions for use across various media.
Helen Fennell Grid System
Helen Fennell Logo Sketch Book

Final Reflections

I am proud to see the logo being used alongside Helen's beautiful photography work as a brand identity on her site and throughout her social media presence.