Aquaflush Medical brochure opened showing illustrations

Aquaflush Medical

case study

A redesign to help define a brand

Aquaflush Medical designs and develops easy to use Colonic Irrigation products. Among these products is a range developed especially for young people.


Is it possible to make a medical device marketed to young people less scary by means of a friendly redesign?


A successful re-imagining of marketing material and brochure to strengthen the brand's appeal to the target demographic. The style extended to printed and online material and advertising with further possibilities built in to the design for the future.


Character Development
Brochure Design


Aquaflush Medical brightly colored illustrations

Re-imagining a style

I was excited for the opportunity to work with Aquaflush on this project as it presented a unique design challenge.

The subject of anything medical can be scary for anyone, but especially for a young person. The existing illustrations, while functional were outdated. I built a mood board to help guide my design direction. Initial sketching began with a new set of characters which would appear in the material along with illustrations of the props and device itself. I felt that the art style should be bright, colourful, fresh and fun. Once the main style was approved, I constructed all assets in Adobe Illustrator.
Aquaflush Medical brochure page layouts
Aquaflush Medical shown on mac

Bringing it all together

Using the assets I produced in Illustrator and copy provided by Aquaflush, I built the 10 page brochure in Adobe InDesign. There were small changes made between iterations with final versions produced for product resellers, print and viewing online.
Aquaflush Medical sketchbook page

Final reflections

Initially I was hired purely in the capacity of illustrator to develop the art style and designs which were to appear throughout the material. Pleased with my work on those, my client then asked me to continue work on the brochure. It was great to have more control over my vision for not only the illustrations but the brochure too.

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