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Andy Carolan

case study

Redesign of my own website

Finding a better way to present my own work by using Webflow.


Build a fresh, easy to navigate and responsive website with more information about the type of work I do and services I offer.


A fresh, simple, responsive website featuring recent work and more in-depth case studies.


Web Design
Graphic Design


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how do I display my work?

The way I displayed my work online needed a re-think. While potentially a great secondary solution, Adobe Portfolio lacked the features I needed to promote my own work so after considering a few options, I decided to build my site in Webflow.
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a Simple and fresh style

I like to keep my own personal branding simple and fresh comprising of a single red accent colour and simple logotype produced using the Proxima Nova font in Extra Bold weight. I brought this font family into Webflow by using an Adobe Typekit package. The use of Proxima Nova is throughout the site, with Light weight taking place for body text and Extra Bold for headlines.

Webflow offers an excellent, responsive system built into it's platform with many control options for display across all devices.
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Final reflections

Webflow is an incredible platform for building beautiful, responsive sites. The designer itself is very intuitive and along with the tutorials and support from Webflow, it is easy to design, build and host a custom site very quickly.