Agile Property Partners brochure front page

Agile Property Partners

case study

property investments vs pensions brochure

Agile Property Partners is a leading property investment company offering profitable solutions for their investor partners.


Produce a brochure that could promote the benefits of property investment both online and in person.


The brochure has been a very effective marketing tool in both it's online and physical forms at events, networking and client meetings.


Brochure Design


Agile Property Partners shown on mac

respect the brand

As always, the branding guidelines needed to be followed so I used Agile's existing colour palette as the basis for the colour scheme of the brochure, adding stock images, client supplied photographs and copy.
Agile Property Partners brochure open centre pages

More content, more pages

During early client feedback, it was decided that a section introducing Agile Property Partner's team would be a useful addition to the brochure. This extra section changed the layout and available pages of the brochure and in turn allowed more content and images to be added.
Agile Property Partners brochure front and back

Final reflections

I feel that this brochure introduces the Agile Property Partners brand and their services effectively in a single publication available both online and in physical form.

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